ESPN’s Cris Carter Fed Up With Ochocinco: ‘I’m Sick of Chad’

Chad Ochocinco is a magnet for controversy and seemingly enjoys the attention he brings on himself — especially on Twitter. But one person isn't entertained by Ochocinco's antics anymore and thinks enough is enough with him and his tweets.

After Ochocinco tweeted that he is going to leave Cincinnati because Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is mean to him and hurt his feelings, Carter hit his Ochocinco limit.

"I'm sick of Chad," Carter said, according to "I'm sick of hearing from him, I'm sick of hearing what he's going to do. Chad, he's definitely going to end up on someone else's team if I'm calling the shots."

Carter, who thinks Cincinnati should let Ochocinco go because he is a problem on the team, did say he would be willing to give Chad some lessons on how to be a better teammate.

"Chad, call me," Carter said according to PFT. "I know a few things about wide receiver. I played a few years in the league, caught a few balls. Google me."

Not surprisingly, the Twittter-happy Ochocinco took to his page following Carter's comments. While Ochocinco surpisingly did listen to Carter's advice, his tweet response was all attitude.

"Googled him like he said,saw good numbers but a troubled past #shrugs," Ochocinco tweeted on Wednesday.

When some of his followers called him out for Carter's comments, though, Ochocinco seemed to think Carter wasn't actually sick of him — it was all just an act, in his opinion — tweeting, "I love Chris Carter and @espn and they love me to #trust me," and "NFL Live is scripted n Chris Carter is forced 2 say those things"

Can anyone really keep up with the way Ochocinco thinks?