Brian Wilson is coming off a championship season with the San Francisco Giants, so the guy knows what a winning team looks like. The relief pitcher is also the inspiration behind a devoted following that sports bushy black beards to the ballpark, so we know he's got a bit of a crazy streak.

The Giants' closer took to his Twitter to make his NBA Finals prediction on Thursday afternoon. The Winchester, Mass., native stuck to his roots with the pick, predicting that the Celtics will raise banner No. 18 to the Garden rafters this year.

While Wilson's prediction is promising, his tweet was a tad strange.

"Celtics spelled backwards is scitleC," the tweet read. "And in that backwards language means 'World Champions.'"

Since we're not fluent in backwards language, we'll have to take Wilson's word for it.

The Celtics kick off their first round series against the Knicks on Sunday night at TD Garden.