It’s just three games, right?

Now that the Red Sox are 0-3, many Red Sox Nation members are pretty worried about their beloved local nine. While 98.1 percent of their season remains, Business Insider did some research regarding “over” starts and the findings may upset Red Sox fans.

According to Business Insider, in the last 10 seasons, 80 teams have qualified for the playoffs, and of those teams, only three started the season winless in their first three games. The last three teams to do that were the 2007 Phillies, the 2003 Braves and the 2001 Cardinals.

Check out the chart below.

History Proves MLB Teams With 0-3 Starts Have Slim Chance of Crashing Postseason Party

In major league history, four teams have started the season 0-3 and won the World Series — the 1998 New York Yankees (who finished the regular season 114-48), the 1973 Oakland Athletics (94-68), the 1914 Boston Braves (94-59) and 1911 Philadelphia Athletics (101-50).

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