Kevin Na Shoots 16 on Par-4 at TPC San Antonio, Nearly Sets PGA Tour Record Kevin Na picked a bad day to wear a microphone for the Golf Channel.

Bad for him, but absolutely great for those who enjoy watching — and listening to — train wrecks as they happen.

Na nearly made golf history on Thursday at TPC San Antonio when he shot a 16 on the par-4 ninth hole. How did he reach the Sweet 16, you ask?

Na started off by driving deep into the woods and eventually declared his ball unplayable. He went back to the tee box to hit his third shot, only to end up back in the woods. Na even hit a second provisional shot that he lost. It then took him 10 strokes to clear the woods because while in the sticks, he was charged with a penalty for hitting the ball off his own leg. As if that’s not wild enough, he hit two shots left-handed. No, he wasn’t pulling some sort of Inigo Montoya mind trick.

“I feel like I’m playing somewhat decent and it was one shot — actually two but one that started the whole thing and it was one bad hole and what’s crazy about this game,” Na told “One bad hole can basically shoot you out of the tournament. That’s what I just did. Without that I shot I believe…”

Only John Daly’s 18 during the 1998 Bay Hill Invitational ranks higher since 1983 on the PGA Tour.

“I wish I went back and re-teed it again and I might have made 8,” Na continued. “That’s 4 over. That’s what, even par or something? I mean it’s a lot of what ifs and what could have been. The only thing I can do is learn from this and hopefully it doesn’t happen again.”

Na shot an 80 on the day (thanks to a 33 on the back nine) and if he shot par on No. 9, he would have been one stroke off the lead.

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Kevin Na Shoots 16 on Par-4 at TPC San Antonio, Nearly Sets PGA Tour Record

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“When Carl Crawford starts doing what he does, and that’s what everyone knows he’s going to do when he gets going. When he gets on base, running around, causing havoc on the bases, I think that’s going to be our one thing and it’s going to feed down to everyone else.”
–Clay Buchholz, on how Crawford can turn the Red Sox around

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I’m pretty sure Jack Edwards is never “a little too excited.” Ever.
Kevin Na Shoots 16 on Par-4 at TPC San Antonio, Nearly Sets PGA Tour Record

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One of the worst things you could ask your caddie: “how are we going to count all those shots?