The debate about adding extra instant replay to Major League Baseball games is going to rage on for a little while longer.

On Thursday, reports surfaced that the league was leaning toward adding extra instant replay to the game in 2012, including trapped balls and fair-or-foul rulings down the lines. However, on Friday, the league insisted that no decision has been made on that front.

"To clarify, the Special Committee for On-Field Matters discusses many issues, but no decisions have been made regarding instant replay," the MLB's public relations' Twitter page read on Friday morning.

While there are some strong arguments for the case, others argue that adding more instant replay would only lengthen what is already a long and sometimes slow game.

Instant replay would not always solve the debate, either, as Friday night's Blue Jays-Red Sox game proved. After ruling an Adam Lind hit a home run in the first inning, umpires collectively viewed the instant replay of the hit, and overturned the initial ruling to foul. While the reversed call delighted Red Sox fans, it caused an uproar on Twitter — though it was more toward the Fenway Park right field foul lines than the umpires call.

And so, the instant replay debate will live on for another day in Major League Baseball. Do you think they should add more instant replay to the game?