Top 10 Season Comebacks in Baseball History Include 1978 Yankees, 1914 Boston Braves You have already been subjected to several statistics relating to the Red Sox’ slow start and how teams with similar beginnings fare.

For instance, Boston’s 2-9 record matches its worst after 11 games in team history, and the list of teams in major league history that have ever won the World Series after such a stumble out of the gate is extremely slim.

The most recent, the 1991 Minnesota Twins, come to mind. The fact that the Twins’ run to the crown that season does not even come close to making the top 10 list of all-time comebacks in baseball history should make Red Sox fans feel a bit better. Minnesota was in first place by mid-June of that season and coasted to the division crown. By that logic, Boston won’t need anything epic to turn this thing around.

If they don’t recover soon, however, it might take something historic to reach the postseason. But that’s what makes baseball fantastic. The sport is riddled with comebacks that have made teams, and their players, the stuff of legends. It just doesn’t resonate in sports that contain fewer games, for the excitement builds exponentially on a daily basis, and when that comeback involves a month or two or three, the excitement can reach mythical proportions.

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