Coming into the final stretch of the 2010-2011 season, Liverpool is sitting in the sixth spot in the Premier League standings, just three points shy of fifth-seeded Tottenham. But this isn't good enough for goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

According to, Reina is confident that the team can move past Tottenham, with every match more important than the last. He said that if the team wins the next four matches, he thinks the Reds can secure a spot in Europa League play.

"I believe if we win them all we will be in the fifth position and that is probably the closest and most important target," Reina said. "We won't win every game 5-0 like we did against Birmingham last week, but if we play with the same mentality and approach it in the same way, we have more chance of winning than losing."

Reina said that he sees the team going far under the leadership of Kenny Dalglish. He said before Dalglish took over, qualifying wasn't even on the horizon.

"I definitely could not see [Europe] five or six months ago. But we kept fighting and turned the situation around. Now we need to do more to be even higher."

He said that the key to success will be clutch wins at home, citing the impressive record of Manchester United in front of their home crowd.

One thing is for sure, the Reds will have to keep playing hard no matter the outcome in the standings this season.