Send Jerry Remy a Question to Be Answered During Wednesday's Red Sox-Indians Game The Red Sox have now dropped their first four games of the season, and even though it's early in the year, fans in Red Sox Nation must have a few questions about the team's current struggles.

The Sox will get another two games in Cleveland before they return home to Fenway Park, and they'll be hoping to turn things around in their second game against the Tribe. Is it the offense, or the pitching? Or is it a combination of both?

If you have a question about the Red Sox, or any other baseball topic for that matter, then you're in luck, because Jerry Remy is here to answer your questions. RemDawg has the inside scoop on the Sox, and likely has a few explanations for the Red Sox' skid.

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Jerry Remy will answer one question from a fan during each Red Sox spring training game on NESN this season. Leave your question in the comments section below, and watch the Red Sox broadcast to see if the RemDawg answers it on the air.