Vote: How Far Will the Bruins Advance This Postseason? The Bruins have not advanced past the second round of the NHL playoffs in 19 years, but they've set high expectations this season, looking to hoist Lord Stanley for the first time since 1972.

Heading into the Eastern Conference quarterfinal matchup against the Canadiens, the Bruins are favored to win the series — but how far can they advance throughout the entire postseason?

The Bruins boast a talented combination of experienced veterans and energetic newcomers on this year's roster, and they know the pressure that weighs on them from the Boston crowd. The B's will look to avoid the epic collapse of last season, a sting that still lingers for some Bruins fans.

The only way to erase the pain of last season's frustrating exit is to go further in the playoffs this year, and the B's have a lot of experts and fans on their side this time around. Many are predicting that the Bruins will reach the Stanley Cup Finals, where they'll meet up with the best of the west.

The Western Conference has some tough teams, but if the Bruins play their game, they've proven they can match up with just about any team in this league. With Tim Thomas backing their efforts in net, the Bruins are one of the top teams to beat this year.

So, just how far will they go in the NHL playoffs this year?

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