A 3-2 series lead has Bruins fans anticipating a berth in the Stanley Cup Finals, but the oddsmakers aren't jumping to any conclusions just yet.

The Bruins currently have 2-to-1 odds on Bodog.net to win the Stanley Cup — the same odds they had after taking a 2-1 lead after Game 3.

The oddsmakers, though, like the Lightning a bit less now, with their odds currently sitting at 9-to-1.

The Sharks, trailing 3-1 in their series, have plummeted to 20-to-1 odds (not a bad time to hop on the Sharks bandwagon if you believe an injured Joe Thornton can lead them on a remarkable comeback), while the Canucks are now given 10-to-17 odds of winning the Stanley Cup.

Check out teams' current odds below, as well as the odds from before the series started.

Team Odds to win Stanley Cup at start of conference finals Current Odds to win Stanley Cup
Bruins 5-to-2 2-to-1
Canucks 17-to-10 10-to-17
Lightning 7-to-2 9-to-1
Sharks 3-to-1 20-to-1

Bodog's odds are reported as fractional odds. For example, if the Bruins' odds of winning the Stanley Cup are 2-to-1, a wager of $1 will result in a win of $2.