Hines Ward Wins ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Despite Wearing Hideous Sailor Suit


Hines Ward won Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night, which is pretty cool … until you consider that he did it while dressed as some sort of pirate/sailor/salt shaker. OK, well he was supposed to look like a drum major (I think), but the frilly shoulder pads are straight out of Cap’n Crunch’s playbook.

Ward, 35, has some backup plans now in case the NFL lockout doesn’t come to an end. He and partner Kym Johnson danced the quickstep and the samba to beat out Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy in the final showdown.

Ward joins an exclusive list of athletes to win the competition, which includes Emmitt Smith, Apolo Anton Ohno and Kristi Yamaguchi. NFL stars Jerry Rice, Warren Sapp and Jason Taylor all finished as runners-up in their respective seasons.

Ward wore his awesome shirt on Monday, but he toned it down a little for Tuesday night, when he actually won. All fashion jokes aside, though, the dude can dance. Seriously.

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Hines Ward Wins 'Dancing With the Stars' Despite Wearing Hideous Sailor Suit

Hines Ward Wins 'Dancing With the Stars' Despite Wearing Hideous Sailor Suit

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“[The NHL playoffs are] a tough journey to go through to get here. The Olympic medal, it’s a short tournament, you play a few games, you get a few bounces, you’re there. This is way tougher.”
–Henrik Sedin, after his Vancouver Canucks beat the Sharks to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals

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With a Canadian team representing the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals, perhaps (if the Bruins are fortunate enough to punch their own ticket) Boston will gain a few temporary fans rooting for the U.S. of A.

Hines Ward Wins 'Dancing With the Stars' Despite Wearing Hideous Sailor Suit

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There always has to be one guy in the crowd yelling “Shoot!” Always.

Regardless, this video of the Canucks scoring in double overtime to win their series is outstanding.

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