It might be easier to predict the weather in New England for the next two weeks than it would be to try to predict the outcome of Game 7 between the Bruins and Lightning.

The series has gone back and forth every which way, and it has NESN's Kathryn Tappen feeling as though anything can happen in Game 7.

"My theory is 50-50," she said Friday on The Dennis and Callahan Show. "Really, it's so hard to tell. You look at Dwayne Roloson's numbers — he's perfect in elimination games. But you look at the Bruins' numbers on their home ice, 11-5-3 when they come back to the Garden after losing a game this whole season.

"So you can divide it any way you want," Tappen said. "There's no rhyme or reason."

The fact that some games have been 2-0 shutouts while others have been 6-5 shootouts only adds to the air of unpredictability for Game 7.

"This series has been Jekyll and Hyde," Tappen said on the show. "Every single game has been so different. You can't predict it. You have one game where they light it up with the goal scoring, you have another game where they play tight defensively, so I have no idea. I wish I could look into the crystal ball."

So does just about everyone else in Boston.

Watch more of Kathryn Tappen on Dennis and Callahan in the video below.