When Liverpool caretaker manager Kenny Dalglish took over in January, the culture of the club changed. He has helped revive the club's season and has enabled it to set its sights on the Europa League, especially with Tottenham struggling.

But what is the reason for this turnaround? Well, it's likely the team-first mantra Dalglish has put forth since his arrival at Anfield. Dalglish finally feels as though he's gotten rid of the notion that Liverpool is overly reliant on certain players, according to Goal.com.

With Steven Gerrard out due to groin surgery and Fernando Torres now in Chelsea, there was once a sense of doubt swirling around the Liverpool club. But Dalglish believes that that doubt is officially in their rear-view mirror as the Reds get set to take on Fulham on Monday.

"Everyone has come on. It's a great credit to them and the confidence and belief they have in themselves. They have built up that confidence themselves with their results," Dalglish said.

The Reds have moved up from a mid-table position to sixth place, one point behind rival Tottenham Hotspur, since Dalglish arrived.

Young players, such as 18-year-old John Flanagan and 17-year-old Jack Robinson, have emerged for the Reds, while veterans like Dirk Kuyt continue to thrive.

When added up, the sum is success.

"The more options you have, the better it is for everyone," Dalglish said, according to The Mirror. "In any team, you are going to have players who shine more than others. Successful teams are the ones with the greatest number of options going forward."