Manny Pacquiao is, really, too good to face any real competition. His latest bout with Shane Mosley, during which Pacquiao easily won by unanimous decision, was just the latest indicator of that status.

Yet, there’s one family that seems to always find ways to be unimpressed with Pacquiao.

“He’s so one-dimensional, it’s ridiculous,” said Jeff Mayweather, uncle of Floyd Mayweather Jr., to “And when he got really aggressive, he threw a hook, left-hand, hook, left-hand. Nothing else. That was the only thing that he did.”

And because it wouldn’t be a Mayweather family quote without the notion that Pacquiao could never beat Floyd, well, here you go.

“Believe me, if Pacquiao fights like that [against Mayweather] he has no chance at all. Zero chance,” Jeff Mayweather told the site. “I mean, first of all, he couldn’t hit Mosley, and Mosley isn’t a great defensive fighter. And then, secondly, there were so many times that Mosley could have countered him. [Pacquiao] was wide open but Mosley was so caught up in surviving he didn’t take no chance. With the speed and timing that Floyd has, and the defense that he has, if [Pacquiao] couldn’t hit Mosley, he sure ain’t going to hit Floyd. So I see a easy fight for Floyd.”

Sure, an easy fight for Floyd, if, you know, he ever actually decides to fight. Until then, the Mayweather family remains the undisputed champion of empty words.

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Manny Pacquiao Is 'Unimpressive,' Would Have No Chance Against Floyd Mayweather Jr., According to Mayweather's Uncle

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Manny Pacquiao Is 'Unimpressive,' Would Have No Chance Against Floyd Mayweather Jr., According to Mayweather's Uncle

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