Patriots Will Remember Marquise Hill During Four-Year Anniversary of His Death


Many of the Patriots will be spread across the country throughout Memorial Day Weekend, as they take a break from workouts to spend time with their friends and family.

They should do so with the memory of Marquise Hill in mind.

Hill died four years ago Saturday after a jet-skiing accident on Lake Pontchartrain just north of New Orleans in his home state of Louisiana. Hill and his friend, Ashley Blazio, fell off their jet ski, and neither was wearing a life jacket. Blazio said after the accident that Hill died while trying to save her life by keeping her calm and lifting her afloat on a buoy.

The Patriots have honored Hill ever since. They wore "91" insignias on their helmets throughout the 2007 season, and they have set up a memorial in a corner of their locker room. A glass case displays Hill's uniform, pictures and other memorabilia.

Memorial Day Weekend is always a time for celebration. And this weekend, particularly Saturday, the Patriots will be keeping Hill in their hearts.

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