Tom Brady Listed in Top Ten Most Injury Prone Players in NFL by FOX Sports


In 11 seasons, Tom Brady has only suffered one injury that has caused him to miss an NFL start.

Despite his serious left knee injury in 2008, the two-time MVP has been one of the league's most durable players, and his on-field toughness has never been questioned by teammates or opponents.

Yet, FOX Sports has labeled Brady as one of the 10 most injury-prone players in the NFL.

There's no data behind the rankings. That's obvious because there isn't a mathematical formula on the planet that would prove this title to be true. All it has is an explanation from the author, Sid Saraf.

"OK, he's had only the one ugly knee injury in Week 1 of 2008 and we all know what happened next: Matt Cassel became a star!" Saraf wrote. "But anyone who follows the Patriots knows coach Bill Belichick keeps Tommy Boy's name on the injury report every week. Yet, come Sundays, voila! Brady saunters out of the tunnel without even the hint of a limp or a grimace. Why? What's the point? Is Belichick playing some mental game? America is not stupid!"

It's true, Brady is always on the team's injury report, and more often than not, it's due to Belichick's mind games with the rest of the league. Brady did play through a serious foot injury last year, though, that caused him to miss several practices and limp through the locker room on a regular basis midway through the season.

The NFLPA has issued data that indicates 20 percent of all players finish the season on injured reserve. So, is one trip to IR enough to call Brady one of the 10 most injury-plagued players in the league? Come on.

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