In the Bruins’ recent playoff series, the credibility and support of the opposing fans had been questioned. There’s no denying the support that two, young Vancouver Canucks fans have for their team, though.

16-year old Ashley Adams and her 17-year-old friend Nazia Khan, despite their age, are the epitome of “die-hards”. The two high-schoolers have admitted to spending more than $1,000 each on tickets, traveling, and merchandise. The two have skipped school to attend games and even some morning skates.

“We try to be here every day,” Adams said, “We’re the biggest stalkers ever.”

The two often camp by Gate 9 in hopes of seeing their favorite athletes. The girls claim that all the players are very friendly and occasionally recognize the fans. Christian Ehrhoff, Adam’s favorite player, has signed multiple jerseys for the girl.

“He knows me as his No. 1 fan,” she said, “He’s signed all of [my jerseys].”

The friends also displayed an impressive knowledge of the Canucks, waiting outside prior to Game 2 of the Western Conference final in hopes of seeing one of the prospects.

“They’re the ones that get called up from Manitoba and who we might see play for the Canucks one day,” said one of the girls.

There’s certainly no denying that these girls know their hockey. Bruins fans will soon be witness to all Vancouver fans, including two more unique fans.