Which Is Your Favorite AL East Ballpark to Visit as a Red Sox Fan? Red Sox fans absolutely adore Fenway Park for good reason. Arguably baseball’s most historic ballpark, a trip to Fenway is a borderline religous experience for Sox fans.

However, as a ticket to Fenway has become increasingly tougher to get, Red Sox Nation has had to take its pilgrimages up and down the Eastern seaboard to check out the Sox in AL East cities away from Boston.

That’s what will likely happen on Tuesday night when Boston heads north to take on the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre in Toronto. There will be plenty of Red Sox fans in attendance on Tuesday in the stadium formerly known as Skydome, as the relatively short trip to Toronto, paired with an easy ticket, has made Rogers Centre a prime destination for fans.

It’s also easy for Sox fans to obtain tickets in Baltimore. Also like Toronto, the trip to Baltimore is a relatively short one. When you add in the fact that Camden Yards is one of the nicest parks in all of baseball, it’s easy to understand why the ballpark has been referred to as Fenway South in the past.

You also have Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay. The trip south is by far the longest for Sox fans, but it’s tough to argue with the weather in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, especially early or late in the season. When you factor in the budding rivalry that has played out in the past decade or so between the two teams, it’s easy to see why it’s a popular destination for Red Sox fans.

But if you really want to talk rivalries, you have to talk about the Yankees. Those Red Sox fans brave enough to venture into enemy territory will make the short trek down 95 to see the two teams play out their bitter rivalry in the Bronx. Fans may be more apt to head to New York now, as the new Yankee Stadium doesn’t seem to have the same bite that the old one did, although it’s not an easy or cheap ticket to get.

Which is your favorite AL East ballpark to visit? Share your thoughts below.

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Which is your favorite AL East ballpark to visit as a Red Sox fan?online surveys