Which Red Sox Pitcher Will Throw a No-Hitter Next? One year after a Major League Baseball season that saw six no-hitters, we finally got our first no-no of 2011 this week when Francisco Liriano no-hit the Chicago White Sox. Then, on Friday night, Derek Lowe became the latest near miss when he outdueled Cliff Lee before losing a no-hitter in the seventh.

Red Sox fans are no strangers to the no-hitter. Just in the last decade, Sox fans have seen Hideo Nomo, Lowe, Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester all accomplish the feat.

In this day and age of baseball, the supposed post-steroid era, pitchers are slowly grabbing control of the game after the 90s were just dominated by juiced sluggers launching balls into orbit.

When you look at the Red Sox rotation as it stands now, it's not unimaginable to think that one of them may toss a no-hitter in the near future.

They have Lester and Buchholz, of course, two pitchers that have done it in the past. Not only that, the young duo has the best stuff on the rotation. And while Lester may be the guy you want on the mound to win one game, it may be Buchholz who has the best no-hit stuff.

Either him, or Daisuke Matsuzaka, perhaps. It may sound crazy, but Matsuzaka actually has some pretty unhittable stuff when he's on. Just look back to last year when the righty took a no-hitter into the eighth against a strong Phillies lineup. He throws so many different pitches, and if he can dial it in real good one night, he certainly has no-hit stuff. His control puts a perfect game almost entirely out of the picture, but his wildness often works for him. When he's at his best, he's certainly "effectively wild," to steal an old baseball phrase.

Then you have Josh Beckett and John Lackey. The former may have as good a chance this year as any year after a strong start, while the latter has been maddeningly ineffective for much of this season. Even so, both Beckett and Lackey have the ability to get swings and misses. That can cause pitch counts to add up, but it also helps neutralize the luck factor some.

Which Red Sox pitcher will throw a no-hitter next? Share your thoughts below.

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