Bruins Fan Recalls Watching Hockey With Father at Boston Garden, MSG


Editor's note: is asking Bruins fans to share their favorite Bruins memory. Mark Poulin, of Wells, Maine, shares this memory

I am originally from New York, but I have always been a Bruins fan. The reason for this is Bobby Orr. When he first started playing games, the games used to be televised on Sunday afternoons on national TV – I think Dan Kelly was the announcer. Orr was my hero and I wore his jersey while playing roller hockey in the streets of NYC. In fact, I told some buddies the other day, out of all the athletes I would like to meet, it would be Bobby.

My dad Marty was from Montreal, so he was a Canadiens fan, but he witnessed a lot of sad moments for me over my childhood years – watching Ken Dryden save everything, too many guys on the ice. We went to the original Madison Square Garden and the new one, and we were the only two fans rooting against the Rangers. My dad looked like Boom Boom Geofferion, and was mistaken for him many times. We moved to Maine in the mid '70s and continued our tradition of going to games at the old MSG and the new with my younger brother, Marty, and my oldest daughter, Marcella. Dad started liking the Bruins as he watched hockey every night, and we talked about them after every game.

Like many other fans, I have many memories, but perhaps the most touching one was at my house a year or so ago. I was watching the History Of The Bruins. About halfway through the program, they showed the Last Hurrah at the old Garden. I was thinking of my dad, who sadly passed away in March 2004. Right as they started to bring Norm Leveille out on the ice, they flashed the fans cheering loudly. It was then for a second that I saw my dad and me at the game. Needless to say, it floored me, but it gave me a great feeling to know that he was now part of Bruins history.

A lifelong Red Sox fan, he didn't live to see them win, but the Sox won it that year (that he passed away), which was symbolic as well. I later found out that in Legends, the picture they have behind the bar is from the Last Hurrah, so he is part of the new Garden as well. Even though he was from Canada, I know he was watching and saying LETS GO BRUINS and win the Cup!

Go Bruins!!

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