Chad Ochocinco Plans to Wrestle Alligators in Florida, Continuing Wide Receiver’s Unpredictable Offseason


Some NFL players have found unique ways to keep busy during the NFL lockout, and Chad Ochocinco is no exception. But Ochocinco, who's as unpredictable as they come, might just be going a bit too far, as the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver plans to wrestle alligators.

Ochocinco has already had an interesting offseason, testing his luck at bull riding and trying out for a Major League Soccer team. But wrestling alligators even goes beyond Bengals owner Mike Brown's crazy suggestion that the wide receiver take up snake wrangling.

"I just one-upped [Brown]. I am going to wrestle alligators," Ochocinco told WXIX-TV. "Don't laugh, like I am serious and you'll see it. And I am living life."

Brown was presumably joking when he suggested that his star wide receiver up the ante on his stunts, but the never-dull Ochocinco figured he'd call the owner's bluff. The six-time Pro-Bowler said he intends to wrestle the alligators in Okeechobee, Fla., alongside a professional, which will include venturing into the wild to catch the gators.

"It's pretty dangerous, I could lose an arm, lose a leg, you know…so was bull riding. So the chance of me getting hurt on the bull is similar to the chance of me winning the lottery, slim to none," Ochocinco said. "And the same thing with alligators. If he bites me, I can still play with one arm. [Because] I can kick, seriously."

Surely, Brown, head coach Marvin Lewis and the rest of the Bengals organization would prefer to see Ochocinco show up to start the season with both arms in tact, though.

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