Georgia center fielder Jonathan Taylor is currently completing rehab for injuries to the neck that paralyzed him from the waist down at Sheperd Spinal Center as an outpatient in Atlanta.

While working to regain strength and movement of his extremities, Taylor was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the Major League Baseball draft.

Selected in the 33rd round, Taylor and Georgia teammate Zach Cone (selected 37th overall) were both drafted by the Rangers. Cone and Taylor collided on March 6 in a game against Florida State that left Taylor paralyzed.

Taylor injured the C-5 and C-6 vertebrae in his neck

Although it's still unclear as to whether or not Taylor will fully recover and walk again, Taylor's progress, and career numbers, were enough to convince the Rangers to take a chance.

Taylor, a .312 career hitter, was likely going to be drafted given his skill set.

"J.T. is a guy that definitely was a prospect going into this season and was a guy you had to watch," said Georgia head coach David Perno in an interview with ESPN's Mark Schlabach. "He was a .320 hitter and could run. Anyone who ever saw J.T. play knows that if he didn't have this tragic accident, he was going to play pro ball at some point."