Glen Davis on Sports Psychologist: ‘It Helps Me to Deal With Doc [Rivers]’


Glen Davis on Sports Psychologist: 'It Helps Me to Deal With Doc [Rivers]' Glen Davis was heavily criticized for his postseason disappearing act after the Celtics fell to the Miami Heat in five games in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Despite having a Sixth Man of the Year-caliber 2010-11 season, the 6-foot-8 forward struggled mightily in his nine playoff games, averaging just 4.9 points and 3.6 rebounds.

Many people pegged Big Baby's immaturity as the main culprit behind his struggles, particularly after news came out that he was seeing a sports psychologist to help cope with his poor performances.

Apparently, he also needed it to cope with his head coach, according to the Boston Herald.

"It helps me to deal with Doc [Rivers], and why I didn't play well," Davis said. "Mentally it just became hard for me to see things. Just learn to be myself. I have to be in a zone all the time."

Davis added that he and Doc "have a good understanding," and that he has no problems with his coaching style.

"Doc is Doc. I love the way he coaches," Davis said. "It's just that me, as a player, didn't adjust to him. When I first came here, my role was different than it is now. More importance on the team means more adjusting, and sometimes this year I had trouble with that. Mentally, it interrupted my game."

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