After graduating from Boston University in 2001, Red Sox photographer Michael Ivins freelanced for several years before getting hired by the team in 2008. He’s captured several great moments on camera since then, including Jon Lester and Terry Francona‘s hug after Lester threw a no-hitter in ’08.

On Monday, Ivins went behind the scenes with BU Today and explained that perspective and emotion are two of the most important keys to capturing a good photo.

“As a photographer, you have the capabilities of freezing action and offering the viewer a perspective that they’re not able to get with their own eyes,” he said. “And the other thing is emotion. Sports brings out emotion in people on both ends of the spectrum. You have to be there to sort of capture those raw moments that happen, which when they do happen they really make for a more impactful photograph.”

To see the entire interview with Ivins, check out the video below.