Ray Allen Happy for Bruins, Hungrier for Second Championship


Jun 17, 2011

They always said championship fever was contagious. Just ask Ray Allen.

The Celtics star is the latest to express his happiness for the Stanley Cup champions, but also stated that seeing them hoist the cup made him much hungrier for banner 18.

"As much as I was happy for them, there was a bit of anger that I had," Allen told ESPN.com. "I would pretty much imagine that, if you didn't feel that way as an athlete, [if] one of the guys on your team didn't feel that way, [it'd be surprising] because you know that that's something we always shoot for, reaching that height. I'm extremely proud of [the Bruins] for what they've done for the city of Boston."

While watching the hometown Bruins, Allen said he stayed away from ABC and the NBA Finals.

"I was kind of watching on my phone," he said. "I was in North Carolina and I didn't want to watch, but when I knew [the Mavericks] were up by 10 in the fourth quarter, I turned it on, and everybody — we must have had the house full, I was at my sister's house — everybody knew that I didn't want to watch, so they honored me. The TV was on some movie and then I was like, 'They're up 10, put on the game.' Everybody [was like], 'Nah, don't put on the game because you're going to jinx them,' but they ended up pulling it out."

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