Was Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison benched because manager Jack McKeon thinks he is spending too much time on Twitter? That's what Miami newspapers are speculating.

According to the Miami Herald, McKeon told Morrison on Saturday that he "[needed] to start spending more time on baseball and less on that Twitter." That was the same day that Morrison was not in the Marlins' starting line-up.

Morrison, who has about as many Twitter followers as the Marlins do fans for a three-game homestand, then changed his avatar to a new image.

As seen below, it is a cartoon depiction of the 23-year-old outfielder with duct tape over his mouth with the word "censored" written across it.

It's an act of rebellion that the Miami New Times translated into, "Hey, how dare his bosses tell him to stop acting like an Internet clown even though he can barely hit a baseball anymore?"

Morrison has been in the news recently for some off-the-field actions, but nothing about the way he has been playing has been particularly newsworthy.

LoMo, as he calls himself, drew criticism from the Marlins after voicing his disappointment with the firing of hitting coach John Mallee. The outfielder also recently called out teammate Hanley Ramirez for his chronic tardiness at team meetings.

Meanwhile, he is batting just .189 in the month of June, and is 1-14 (.071) in the last seven days.

Morrison was back in the lineup for the Marlins as a pinch-hitter in Sunday's loss, as the Fish continue a historically bad June, in which they have gone 3-22.

Report: Jack McKeon Benches Marlins Outfielder Logan Morrison Because of Too Much Twitter Use