Bret Lockett Says In Touch Story About Relationship With Kim Kardashian Is ‘True’


June 8, 2011

Bret Lockett Says In Touch Story About Relationship With Kim Kardashian Is 'True'Patriots safety Bret Lockett told the story about his relationship with Kim Kardashian is “true.”

In Touch magazine reported Lockett and Kardashian had a five-month affair behind the back of Kardashian’s fiancé Kris Humphries, who plays for the New Jersey Nets. Kardashian told the magazine she would take legal action if it ran the story.

Lockett said he spoke to the tabloid because they told him they were going to run the story with or without his consent. Therefore, he wanted to make sure the tabloid knew the truth.

“I’m saying the story in the tabloid is true, and that my relationship with Kim is true as well,” Lockett told “The story was going to be run whether I liked it or not. I don’t know how [In Touch caught wind of the story]. I don’t know any of that. But all I know is they contacted me saying they knew about my relationship with Kim. I told them, I said, ‘I don’t know how you got hold of it. I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about.’ They said, ‘We’re going to run it whether you like it or not. Do you have anything to say because Kim and their publicists are going to be able to make a statement?’ Either I could have said nothing, and just let it be and then have me look crazy, or I could have told them the full truth and let it be written as told. So that’s exactly what I did.”

Lockett didn’t want to share any details of his relationship with Kardashian because they’re already spread across the Internet.

“Pretty much, me and Kim had a relationship, and that’s really as far as I want to get into it,” Lockett said. “Everything else, you can pretty much read for yourself. It’s all over the Internet and everywhere else. That’s pretty much it.”

Lockett wanted to defend his reasoning for speaking to In Touch.

“When something is put out about me involving my personal life, and I have no control over that, I am obligated to answer the full truth on my behalf so nothing gets misconstrued whatsoever,” Lockett told “When I found out what was happening and what was going to be put out and run in the tabloids, whether I could do anything about it or not, I had to come out and let them know the full truth and exactly what happened. So that’s exactly what I did. I know a lot of people are misconstruing it and thinking that it’s just been put out to be put out on my behalf. Nothing that has been put out I knew about prior to it happening.

“They contacted me about what was going on. They said my brother told the tabloids as well, and I was very upset about that just because my brother is 20 years old in college, just a fun-loving football player wanting to have fun, and I know a magazine contacted him without my knowing or any of my publicists knowing. Therefore, I was kind of upset, but at the end of the day, they were trying to tell him a story that was not true. And as any little brother would do, he defended his older brother by telling them exactly what happened. That’s exactly how it went down. That’s really all I have to say. On my behalf, I’m protecting myself, and my brother, and my family’s interests. That’s about it.”

Lockett had no comment about Kardashian’s threat of legal action.

“I’m not even going to go down that road,” Lockett said. “I don’t even want to comment on that. I’ll just leave it as it is.”

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