Sarah Palin was first introduced to most of America as a hockey mom from Alaska, so it’s only natural that she’d have an interest in the Stanley Cup Final.

The potential Republican presidential candidate dodged countless questions Thursday in her trip to Boston regarding her political future, but she did reveal her (rather convenient) rooting interests.

“Usually I root for whoever picks up an Alaska kid, but I’m rooting for the Bruins,” Palin said, according to the Boston Herald.

That’s all well and good, but, well, it means she was rooting for Anchorage’s own Scott Gomez and the Canadiens in the first round, right?

Palin also said “Go Sox!” while signing a baseball, according to the report, because who doesn’t want Sarah Palin’s autograph on a baseball? The two go together like rice and bologna.

The Bruins, though, may not want Palin’s support. There is the famous “Palin Curse,” which mysteriously caused the Flyers to lose six straight games and resulted in an injury for Blues goaltender Manny Legace.

“I wish Ms. Palin good luck on her journey but do have one request. Please stay away from the new Boston Garden,” wrote Bennet Kelley on the Huffington Post. “The Bruins have a tough enough challenge facing the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals, the last thing they need is to be the third victim of what is known in the NHL as the ‘Palin curse.’ No doubt such an event is a PR goldmine for a ‘hockey mom,’ but if you think voters will have forgotten who won come 2012, remember that it only took them 18 years to forgive Bill Buckner.”

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Sarah Palin Says 'Go Sox,' Supports Bruins During Visit to Boston But May Have Brought Curse

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“First of all, every team in the league, when they go on a run, they do something, whether it’s a signal, whether it’s a chest bump. It’s a part of the game of basketball. A celebration is confetti, champagne bottles.”
–Dwyane Wade, getting testy after being asked about his celebration in front of the Mavericks’ bench during Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The Mavericks went on a 20-2 run after the play.

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Oh, snap, Glen Davis. Ball’s in your court, bro.

Sarah Palin Says 'Go Sox,' Supports Bruins During Visit to Boston But May Have Brought Curse

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Think Dwyane Wade and LeBron James regret their little fake boxing match?