A victory in the Stanley Cup Final is permanent.

After hoisting hockey's Holy Grail, the winning team and its players' names are etched into the trophy forever.

A tattoo is also permanent, and for Jamie Meegan and Ryan Lesage, that's not something they're looking forward to.

Meegan, a Canucks fan, and Lesage, a Bruins fan, were talking hockey one day when "the bet" was drawn up. Coworker Will Jordan came up with the idea that whatever team won the Stanley Cup, the opposing fan would get the team logo tattooed on their body — a permanent reminder of their most hated team's success.

With a lot of hockey left to be played, Lesage isn't worried about the blue and green ink that could await.

Here are the official rules for the bet, according to NHL.com

Whichever of the Vancouver Canucks (Jamie’s Team) or the Boston Bruins (Ryan’s Team) wins the Stanley Cup next the loser will tattoo the logo of the winning team on their body; basically the loser gets a tattoo of the team they hate the most.

-Tattoo must be at least the size of a regulation NHL hockey puck (three inches in diameter).

-Tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body but must be shown (in any social situation) at the request of the winner.

-Tattoo will be completed within 48 hours of the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final.

-Winner of the bet pays for the loser’s tattoo.

-Tattoo cannot ever be defaced in any way.