Miami Heat Send Email Asking Fans to Cheer, Not Leave Early for NBA Finals


Jun 12, 2011

The Miami Heat are traveling back home in a 3-2 hole to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. For the Heat to finally end nearly a year of scrutiny and criticism, they’ll have to win two straight against the hottest team in basketball. Obviously, the next few games are the most important NBA games played in Miami since 2006 — but apparently, fans need a reminder of that.

Deadspin revealed an email sent out by the Miami Heat to season ticket holders. In the message, the Heat encouraged fans to show up in white and comfortable shoes because “you need to be standing from the opening tip ’til the final buzzer”.

Miami Heat Send Email Asking Fans to Cheer, Not Leave Early for NBA Finals
The Heat also suggested calling out of work on Monday (for Tuesday’s game, if necessary) and ended the email with a Charles Barkley (a self-proclaimed Heat hater) rant about the fans in Miami.

Miami Heat fans have drawn a lot of criticism, especially this season. Earlier this season, the Miami Heat asked followers to “Fan Up” after the team’s signings of LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join superstar Dwyane Wade. In the “Fan Up” letter, the Heat acknowledge that fans show up to games fashionably late, leave games early, and don’t cheer for their team.

For fans in Boston, this may be too much to handle. C’s fans pride themselves in supporting their team for all 48 minutes, even in blowouts.

Picture via Deadspin.

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