Tiki Barber Says He Battled Depression, Wants to Play Football Again to Prove He ‘Can Be Successful at Something’


Former Giants running back Tiki Barber revealed during an HBO report that a recent, year-long battle with depression is what's motivating him to attempt an NFL comeback.

"The game never needs you because there's always someone else to come and take your place," Barber said. "But right now, I need the game.

"I need to prove to myself that I can be successful at something. I know I'm going to be successful as a football player. I don't know why. The odds say 'No.' I'm 36 and I haven't played in four years. But I just know."

Barber retired from the NFL in 2006 as the Giants' all-time leading rusher. He credits his struggles after football — mainly NBC firing him as an analyst and the ugly end to his marriage — for leading to his bout with depression.

"I remember there were days where I would literally wake up, have coffee, get something to eat and sit on the couch and do nothing for 10 hours," Barber said. "I started to shrivel. I didn't have that confidence. I didn't have the, that aura anymore."

One thing that hasn't wavered, though, is Barber's confidence. During that same HBO report he claimed that "not only am I going to be on a team, I'm going to be a big part of a team."

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