Vancouver Fan Willing to Trade Game 7 Ticket in Exchange for Tim Thomas


Vancouver Fan Willing to Trade Game 7 Ticket in Exchange for Tim Thomas Fans of the Vancouver Canucks want to win the Stanley Cup — badly.

How badly? Well, at least one fan is willing to break a few laws and accept jail time if it means a Cup victory. He's also willing to sacrifice something more serious than his freedom — he's willing to hand over his Game 7 tickets.

He's likely joking (we think), but noticed a Craigslist ad in British Columbia from a fan looking to hold Tim Thomas captive. Thomas has a .962 save percentage and 1.34 goals-against average in this series, so he clearly would be the best target for a grand kidnapping scheme.

Fear not, though: This friendly fan won't injure the All-Star netminder.

"I'm [looking] to trade my tickets for Game 7 with anyone who can bring me Tim Thomas alive, preferably bound," he wrote. "Not looking to harm him in any way just looking to hold him captive during Game 7. Will release him once the Canucks [eventually] hold the Stanley Cup."

He also doesn't want you to make any mistakes in finding Thomas.

"Please do not mistake Tim Thomas for [Drew Carey]," he wrote. "I have put a picture below to distinguish the two. I do not have any use for [Drew Carey], I don't think anyone does."

The whole thing seems like something out of a bad action movie. If that's the case, the Bruins better hope Jean-Claude Van Damme is available to fill in between the pipes. We know what that guy can do.

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