Bill Simmons has a unique way of looking at sports.

His blend of pop culture and sports provides a break from monotonous game recaps and flurries of statistics.

Simmons’ new site,, was launched on Wednesday, and it will serve as an online destination that will provide fans with that break. The site will feature column and feature writing with blogs and podcasts being launched later this summer.

The “Sports Guy” has had success with launches of new ideas in his past. He was with Jimmy Kimmel before the launch of his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. He was also the genesis behind ESPN’s launch of 30 for 30, a series of documentaries on the most compelling moments in sport. published a few stories at launch, including a piece on Chris Jones and his return to covering Major League Baseball after a 10-year hiatus, as well as Chuck Klosterman‘s account of a North Dakota high school basketball game that saw a team play 5-on-3.

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