Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Adrian Peterson Star in 'Lockout Professionals' Spoof Shown During ESPYs (Video) Lockout talk has become a pretty tired subject among sports fans this summer, as countless time has been devoted to articles and SportsCenter updates that never seem to have any new information.

But while fans continue to sit in limbo wondering if there will be an NFL or NBA season next year, some of the players can’t seem to help but have a little bit of fun with the situation.

During Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards, NBA All-Stars Blake Griffin and Kevin Love  starred in a lockout spoof, where they act as personal assistants around the house to perform tasks that shorter folks aren’t quite capable of.

Can’t reach that bowl of cereal high up on the shelf? No problem, Blake will get it for you. Can’t swat that fly near the top of the wall? Don’t worry, K-Love’s got it covered.

Tyson Chandler, Ron Artest (who can’t seem to escape the headlines this summer) and NFL star Adrian Peterson also made cameos in the “commerical.”