The media in Boston can certainly be critical, and it can often cause tension between the journalists and the athletes. Considering Chad Ochocinco's chronicled history as an outspoken knucklehead, it would be no surprise if the new Pats' wideout was worried about how he'd be perceived by the media. So Ochocinco decided to take matters into his own hands.

Or, rather, his own arms.

Ochocinco met with the media following Saturday's practice and discussed his change in attitude and relationship with quarterback Tom Brady.

After the session, Ochocinco asked the surrounding members of the media to partake in a "group hug". The receiver's motive for asking for the hug? He didn't know any of the media members, so the hug was an apparent "nice to meet you." It will be interesting to see if Albert Haynesworth tries the same trick.

To see the hug, check out the video below. The hug comes around the 1:00 mark.