The Internet is a dangerous, dangerous place. One comment taken out of context can balloon into a Web controversy of sorts, even if you're as beloved as Jerry Remy.

Fans watching Friday night's Red Sox-Mariners game on heard Remy talking as former Fenway fan favorite Mike Lowell was given an ovation from the crowd. Remy, joking with broadcast partner Don Orsillo, said, "He threw out the first pitch, and now this? Go home. … Talk about an arrogant athlete."

Despite the fact that Remy and Orsillo often joke around in the booth during games, some people believed Remy was serious. On Wednesday morning, he cleared things up on Dennis and Callahan.

"Believe me, that's half the story," he said. "It was ridiculous. What I said on the air had absolutely nothing to do with what we were talking about beforehand. … There's a whole other side to that story, but there's no need to go into that."

"I am a big Mike Lowell fan. I always have been," Remy added. "I thought he was one of the best professionals that I've ever been around. Unfortunately, it didn't come out that way."

When cohost Gerry Callahan suggested that he thought everybody liked Mike Lowell, Remy's response was simple: "How can you not?"

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Did you know Remy was joking around the whole time?

Jerry Remy Dispels Budding Mike Lowell Controversy, Says He's a 'Big Mike Lowell Fan'

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"I didn't feel the tag. [Umpire Jerry Meals] made the right call. I got in there."
–Julio Lugo, after being blatantly tagged out at the plate and looking bummed about it in the 19th inning, before being called safe and celebrating

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Good point.

Jerry Remy Dispels Budding Mike Lowell Controversy, Says He's a 'Big Mike Lowell Fan'

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Here's Jerry Remy clearing things up on Dennis and Callahan.