Source: It Would Be a ‘Big Surprise’ If NFL Players Don’t Vote Monday


As of late Sunday evening, the NFL's players did not have an official vote scheduled to take place Monday, but they were working furiously to reach that point.

One player representative whose opinions have been relatively conservative throughout the process said it would be a "big surprise" if a vote did not happen Monday. The players' side has been working long hours to reach labor peace since Thursday night's conference call. They've seemingly had Monday in mind the whole time.

The players' vote has been the last major hurdle in the way of a settlement. There are several issues remaining on the table, including a potential opt-out clause after seven years and the recertification of the players' union.

The player rep raised a good point about the CBA's opt-out clause: It's always good to have insurance, and why are the owners so against the clause, especially since they opted out of the last CBA?

None of the remaining issues figure to stand in the way of labor peace, and the growing optimism throughout the weekend is a strong indication that the end of the lockout is imminent.

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