Red Sox Are Streakiest Team in Baseball, According to Study


Whether baseball fans love or hate the Red Sox, they can likely think of many words to describe them. Now, you can call them streaky and be factually correct.

According to a study by Beyond the Box Score's Jacob Peterson, the Red Sox are the streakiest team in Major League Baseball.

It's a fair opinion that has been tossed around plenty of times this season, but Peterson was able to come up with a definition for the term "streaky."

In his blog post, Peterson wrote: "For the purposes of this post, I decided to stick to a fairly simple way of calculating streakiness. I call this measure 'Streak Games.' A Streak Game is any game that is at least the 3rd consecutive win or loss — the first two games in a streak aren't counted. I've split this up into Streak Wins and Streak Losses to capture the good and bad sides of streaking."

Peterson's study concluded that the Red Sox have had 31 streak games in 2011, with a whopping 22 of them being streak wins. The Minnesota Twins were second with 30 streak games, and they led the streak loss category with 18. The Cleveland Indians had the second-most streak wins, with 17.

The Sox had a four-game win steak snapped on Monday in a loss to the Blue Jays.

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