This time, it's official. We think. The Red Sox appear to have dealt for Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Erik Bedard in an effort to bolster the rotation for the stretch run in a three-team trade with the Mariners and Los Angeles Dodgers.

This news comes on the heels of a trade for A's pitcher Rich Harden getting nixed after the Red Sox took a closer look at Harden's medical records.

In celebration of Bedard's acquisition, NESN Nation's Brian Kiley is awarding today's "Trading for Erik Bedard" player of the game award to… Theo Epstein. The Red Sox GM was wheeling and dealing today, and we wanted to show him some love for it.

NESN Nation also asked our Twitter followers what they thought of the trade, and we picked out some of the best opinions to share in the video. Some were excited about the trade, but one person in particular may not be…

What do you think of the Red Sox deal for Bedard? Vote below to let NESN Nation know and comment if you think the Red Sox did enough at the trading deadline to set them up for a run at another World Series title.

What do you think of the Red Sox reported trade for Erik Bedard?

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