Report: HBO Will Not Produce 'Hard Knocks' This Year Due to NFL Lockout Just when you thought it was safe to get excited about football, HBO goes and announces that it won't be producing a season of Hard Knocks.

That's what Sports Illustrated's Peter King declared via Twitter on Saturday, continuing the one-step-forward-two-steps-back NFL lockout thaw.

The show, which details an NFL team's preseason preparation, has been must-see TV for football fans since its debut in 2001 with the Balitmore Ravens.

With the uncertainty surrounding the preseason's start date amid the NFL lockout, as well as teams declining HBO's advances, it appears that the lockout has claimed its first casualty.

Last year's Hard Knocks won three Sports Emmys following the New York Jets and foul-mouthed coach Rex Ryan around during the team's training camp.