Source: NFL Players Didn’t Make Official Vote Wednesday, Developments ‘Not Disappointing’


The NFL lockout is four months old, and it has become a very tired subject for owners, players and fans alike. But just because the end appears to be on the horizon doesn't mean the two sides are eager to rush through the final stages.

The 32 player representatives and the players' executive committee were expected to make an official vote Wednesday in Washington, D.C., but one player rep told that no official vote took place.

However, the player reps passed a conditional vote to approve the settlement if some final terms could be agreed upon, but those details are still a little bit unclear.

"It's a huge document that you just can't throw together," the player rep said. "Some points haven't been finished yet."

As such, the lawyers will continue to plug along.

Since the vote was expected Wednesday, the player rep was asked if this was a disappointing turn of events. He responded, "I wouldn't say it's disappointing, just part of the process. It could be a minor delay or not at all, depending on the developments."

There could still be an official player vote Thursday, when the owners will meet in Atlanta. It's now possible that the owners could make their vote before the players, but that wouldn't be much of an issue.

The important thing to note is the two sides are still working diligently on their own accord, and they won't hastily make any decisions simply because the end of the lockout is in sight.

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