Tom Brady Named Ahead of NASCAR, Behind ‘Glee’ on Fortune Magazine’s List of 100 Great Things About America


Tom Brady Named Ahead of NASCAR, Behind 'Glee' on Fortune Magazine's List of 100 Great Things About America Tom Brady is pretty good at throwing a football, but he's got nothing on those charming little high school kids and their fun songs.

That's according to Fortune's list of 100 things great about America.

Brady, who was voted the best player in the NFL last year by his peers, made Fortune's list at No. 50 … for obvious reasons.

"The model-marryin', best-lookin', best-tossin' quarterback in the country," the website states.

That's nice for TB12, but not even a nifty nickname like that can help him be greater than Glee, which finished at No. 47 on the list.

It's hard to argue with the TV ratings, I guess, but personally, I think Glee would have taken a knee and played for overtime in Super Bowl XXXVI. Glee also may have made the mistake of going after Tara Reid rather than taking the long view and ending up with Gisele Bundchen. Glee also would have definitely thrown Joey Galloway under the bus in 2009 rather than being so diplomatic.

But enough about Glee.

Brady finished as something greater about America than NASCAR (No. 51), Times Square (55), Gmail (62), Men and women serving in the armed forces (64, but obviously should be No. 1?), Michelle Obama (69), the Kardashians (72) and Girl Scout Cookies (92, and please, no hair jokes).

Some of the things deemed to somehow be better than Brady are Budweiser (37), LeBron James (No. 33), self-stick stamps (28), duct tape (16), ESPN (6) and Navy SEALs (5).

Topping the list: opportunity.

"We live in the land of it," says the website. "It's knocking. And all the other adages — all true."

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