Some people are so gullible, they deserve to be fooled.

Green Bay area residents have been taken by a Brett Favre imposter, whose clever ruse includes a replica jersey and a mild resemblence to the supposedly retired quarterback, according to a report in the Green Bay Press-Gazette. As we all know from SportsCenter commercials, all athletes hang out in their uniforms all day, every day.

Apart from the obvious giveaway that a future Hall of Famer is sitting in the stands with the peones rather than on the sidelines like an honored guest, there were other telltale signs that this was not the real Favre. The man in question apparently did not send any cell phone photos of his crotch, and it’s unclear if he was wearing Wrangler jeans.

Jerry Watson, a bar owner in Ashwaubenon, Wisc., seemed to immediately notice the imposter didn’t say “shucks” or throw three interceptions immediately after walking through the door, so Watson caught on.

“The guy is a phony!” Watson told the Press-Gazette. “But he keeps his head down so you can’t get a good look at him.”

OK, so the phony tries to keep a low profile. But honestly, if a little gray hair and a No. 4 jersey is all it takes for this guy to fool people, I’ll lace up a pair of speedskates and claim to be Apolo Ohno. Just the other day at the mall, I met Tom Brady four times; one time he looked to be about 10 years old and his mom called security when I asked mini-Brady for his autograph.

It was worth it, though. I mean, it was Tom Brady! I know because he was wearing a No. 12 Patriots jersey, which was a dead giveaway.


Let’s see. He’s human… he’s a dude… he has gray hair… and he’s wearing a Favre jersey. Yup, it must be Brett Favre.

Brett Favre Imposter Fools Green Bay Area Residents With Mild Resemblance, Replica Jersey Green Bay Press-Gazette submitted photo


“I actually might have to work with Sam’s [Club], BJ’s, selling knives. That’s pretty cool, too. I get a microphone and everything.”
— Celtics guard Delonte West on his job opportunities during the NBA lockout


Carlos Beltran is a switch hitter and 20 pounds heavier, but we see what you’re getting at.

Brett Favre Imposter Fools Green Bay Area Residents With Mild Resemblance, Replica Jersey


Uh, what?