Eleven-Year-Old’s Miraculous Hockey Shot Stuns NHL Players, Sparks $50,000 Controversy


A harmless raffle at a charity hockey game has set off a $50,000 controversy, according to the Faribault Daily News.

Eleven-year-old Nick Smith purchased a $10 raffle ticket at the "Shattuck vs. The World" charity game last week in Faribault, Minn., in the hopes of becoming the contestant with a chance to hit a tiny target for $50,000. The 11-year-old wasn't feeling lucky enough to stick around, though, and decided to leave the arena, at which point his twin brother, Nate, stepped in and nailed the target.

But there is some debate now as to whether the Smith family should be allowed to keep the prize money, as it was Nick's name that was listed on the raffle ticket.

Nate, the one who hit the shot, had been asked earlier if he wanted his name to be written down on the ticket, but he reportedly declined because his arm had just been taken out of a cast.

The twins' parents knew that Nate's name wasn't on the ticket. They reportedly notified the event's insurer, Odds on Promotions, and event organizers of the situation and it remains to be seen whether the family will receive the winnings — after all, it wouldn't be the first time a fan has been disqualified following a $50,000 shot.

The mother, Kim, said that there was nothing on the ticket that said the person listed was the one who actually had to take the shot.

The Smith family has said that if they are allowed to keep the $50,000 prize, it will go toward college, with a good portion also being donated.

In order to "win," Nate Smith shot a 1-inch by 3-inch puck into a 1.5-inch by 3.5-inch hole from 89 feet away.

"I probably couldn't have done it," said Kyle Okposo of the New York Islanders, according to the Faribault Daily News. "There's maybe five of us in (the Shattuck locker room) who could have done it. That's a tough shot."

To see the wild shot, check out the video below.

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