ESPN’s Rob Parker Claims Some Randy Moss Criticisms Rooted in Race


With the recent retirement of All-Pro wide receiver Randy Moss, there's been plenty of speculation as to where his legacy will sit in NFL history. While most agree that he is one of the most gifted specimens anyone has ever seen on a football field, his work ethic and dedication were constantly questioned, and he is often billed as someone who didn't quite live up to his potential.

ESPN First Take's Rob Parker believes that the criticisms people have of Moss are rooted in race.

"I think there is a divide when it comes to the criticism of Randy Moss. And a lot of times to me it comes down to racial lines," Parker said opposite of ESPN's Skip Bayless. "White fans, white people normally say about Randy Moss,  'He was a great talent, but' — there's always a 'but' and it's like we're nitpicking."

Parker continued to say that African-Americans are also critical of Moss, but it comes without that 'but' factor.

Parker added that Moss was maligned for taking plays off, which he believed was true of all wide receivers — a point viciously argued by Bayless.

See which points you agree with in the video below from, and watch as Bayless' head almost explodes.

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