Cubs Pitcher Carlos Zambrano Claims He’s Retiring Following Eight-Run Outing and Ejection


Cubs Pitcher Carlos Zambrano Claims He's Retiring Following Eight-Run Outing and Ejection Usually if a pitcher gives up eight earned runs, five home runs and gets ejected, we can expect to see a water cooler thrown. But Chicago Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano took it to the next level on Friday.

No, the eccentric pitcher did not throw anything — except maybe his career down the drain. Instead, the fiery righty told friends he was retiring following the Cubs' 10-4 loss to Atlanta, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Zambrano's locker was empty after the game.

The righty lasted 4-plus innings in the start, allowing eight runs on eight hits. He was ejected in the fifth after throwing at Chipper Jones. Jones had nailed a three-run homer earlier in the game.

After the game, manager Mike Quade hinted that the pitcher may not retire, but may be running himself out of Chicago, regardless.

"He didn't have it tonight," Quade said after the game. "I'm really disappointed. His locker is empty. I don't know where he's at. He walked out on 24 guys that are battling their [butts] off for him. I don't know where he's gone or what he's doing. I heard he's retired, or talking about retiring.

"I can't have a guy walking out on 24 guys, that's for damn sure."

"I figured he's just decided he's had enough," he continued. "I have too much respect for the rest of the guys in this room to worry. It's on him now, and whatever he wants to do, whatever he's going to do, I guess he's made up his mind because he didn't stick around and tell anybody about it."

Longtime teammate Aramis Ramirez expressed surprise at the supposed retirement.

"I've never seen that before, someone just get [ticked] off and leave and retire," Ramirez said after the game. "I've been around for awhile. Even with him, players don't do that. He's been playing for awhile. He knows anyone can have a bad game, a bad week, a bad month. It happens to everybody."

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