Wade Boggs’ Debut, Return of Ted Williams Among Fenway Park Highlights in 1982


Editor's note: Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912. NESN.com will be celebrating Fenway's 100-year anniversary with unique content from now until April 20, 2012.

After two disappointing seasons, the Red Sox came out with a bang in 1982, winning 16 of their first 23 games, their best start since 1946.

The Sox held on to first place through the All-Star break, but — in what would become a theme for the next few decades — the team crumbled in August and September to finish in second place.

The '82 season marked the Fenway Park debut of Wade Boggs, who hit a team-leading .349 in his first major league season. Dwight Evans led the team in home runs (32) and RBIs (98), while Dennis Eckersley, Bob Stanley, John Tudor and Mark Clear all posted 10-plus wins. Clear led all with 14 victories.

It was the greats of Fenway's past who left perhaps the longest lasting mark, however, as the Red Sox hosted an Old Timer's Game on May 1, which brought back several Boston legends, including Ted Williams.

Fenway also underwent a facelift in 1982 with the construction of seats atop the right-field grandstand and the park's first luxury boxes.

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