Kevin Youkilis, Biz Markie Team Up for Herb Chambers Commercial (Video)


For most baseball players, the right walk-up song — the song that plays as betters approach the plate — is a crucial element to playing the game. Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis likes to have a little fun with his.

Youkilis uses a little play on words as he goes to the plate to Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend,” a song famous for its “Youuuu, you got what I need…” lyric. That part of the song, of course, is very familiar to the refrain of “Youuuuk” that rains down every time Youkilis takes the plate.

Local car dealer Herb Chambers, has finally brought Youkilis and Biz Markie together. In a new commercial for Chambers’ car dealerships, whose slogan is “We’ve got what you need,” Youkilis and Chambers get a little help from Biz Markie.

Check it out below.

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