'Madden 12' Release Sparks Debate of Top 10 Sports Video Games of All Time, Which Includes NBA Jam, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! The release of the newest Madden causes quite the stir each year. It’s transformed from just another date on the calendar into a national holiday for some.

The series’ popularity has risen to new heights, evident by the midnight release parties, cover jinx conspiracies and crazy amount of hoopla that surrounds the game. Who knew megapixels could cause such widespread fervor?

But while Madden is a game that dominates today’s video game consoles, there’s plenty of other sports games that have withstood the test of time.

They might not feature cutting edge graphics or have resulted in the feeding frenzy that is Madden’s annual release, but they still hold a special place in the hearts of avid gamers and recreational gamers alike. You don’t have to sit in your mother’s basement with a controller in your hand for 12 hours a day to appreciate some of the all-time greats of the sports video game industry.

From childhood through adulthood, everyone needs a little mindless gaming action every now and then to remain on an even keel.

OK, so you don’t need it. But these 10 are the best of the bunch for when you do decide to pick up the sticks.

So as the world goes crazy over Madden 12, which was released on Tuesday, let’s take a look back at those unforgettable titles that have paved the way for the games of today.

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