Mike Milbury, Tim Thomas, Jim Rice Among Nine Upsets in First Round of Boston’s Greatest Sports Moment


Mike Milbury, Tim Thomas, Jim Rice Among Nine Upsets in First Round of Boston's Greatest Sports Moment In the NCAA tournament, you know that the 16 seed is never going to beat the 1 seed. In the argument for Boston's Greatest Sports Moment, however, you can't be so sure.

For evidence, look no further than Mike Milbury, who as a No. 16 seed for his shoe attack pulled off the upset over the No. 1 seed, which was Red Auerbach lighting his final victory cigar. Milbury's memorable Madison Square Garden moment garnered 55 percent of the fans' votes.

Milbury was far from the only upset, as nine underdogs won in Round 1.

Cam Neely, a 14 seed for his 50 goals in 44 games, beat the Celtics-Lakers 1984 Finals showdown, which was a No. 3 seed. Neely, like Milbury, garnered 55 percent of the votes.

Jim Rice, also a 14 seed for saving a young boy in the Fenway stands, beat out Ted Williams' .406 average, which was a No. 3 seed. As with Neely and Milbury, Rice received 55 percent of votes.

In more recent history, Tim Thomas got in on the upset party, as his stick save against Steve Downie (a 12 seed) beat out the fifth-seeded Boston Garden's final party. Thomas won that vote by a large margin, taking in 75 percent of fans' votes.

Fellow Bruins Nathan Horton was a 9 seed for his game-winning goal in Game 7 against Tampa Bay this year, beating out Jonathan Papelbon's jump for joy after closing out the 2007 World Series. Adam Vinatieri's "Snow Bowl" kick against the Raiders (a 9 seed) beat out Gerry Cheevers' performance in the '72 Stanley Cup, J.D. Drew's grand slam (a 10 seed) beat Micky Ward's win over Arturo Gatti, Michael Ryder's glove save (a 10 seed) beat out Roger Clemens' 20-strikeout game, and the Patriots' team introduction in Super Bowl XXXVI (a 12 seed) beat out the fifth-seeded Celtics win over the Sixers in '81.

The largest margin of victory came from the votes of loyal Bruins fans, who voted the 2011 Stanley Cup victory over Larry Bird's 3-point show — to the the tune of 95 percent to 5 percent. Curt Schilling's bloody sock won convincingly (90 percent) over the Larry-Dominique playoff duel, and David Ortiz's Game 4 walk-off homer was a big winner (88 percent) over Kevin Garnett's "Anything is possible" scream.

The votes were interesting, but they'll only become closer as the field narrows from 64 to 32 in Round 2.

Check out the complete Round 1 results below.


1. Red Sox snap curse vs. 16. B's Winter Classic
Winner: Red Sox snap curse (85 percent)

8. Russell's 30-40 in '62 vs. 9. Manny ALDS blast
Winner: Russell's 30-40 in '62 (51 percent)

5. Law's Super pick vs. 12. C's Triple-OT win
Winner: Law's Super pick (63 percent)

4. Marciano goes 49-0 vs. Gerald Henderson steal
Winner: Marciano goes 49-0 (73 percent)

6. Espo given No. 7  vs. 11. Celtics' first title
Winner: Espo given No. 7 (67 percent)

3. Ted Williams hits .406 vs. 14. Rice to the rescue
Winner: Rice to the rescue (55 percent)

7. Clemens K's 20 M's vs. 10. Ryder's glove save
Winner: Ryder's glove save (55 percent)

2. Flutie's Hail Mary vs. 15. Belichick leaves Jets
Winner: Flutie's Hail Mary (54 percent)

Back Bay:

1. Pats win Super Bowl XXXVI vs. 16. Pierce-LeBron duel
Winner: Pats win Super Bowl XXXVI (86 percent)

8. Orr's No. 4 retired vs. 9. "Beat L.A." born
Winner: Orr's No. 4 retired (70 percent)

5. Last Garden party vs. 12. Thomas stick save
Winner: Thomas stick save (75 percent)

4. Papi Game 4 walk-off vs. 13. KG's glory roar
Winner: Papi's Game 4 walk-off (88 percent)

6. Impossible Dream vs. 11 First World Series
Winner: Impossible Dream (73 percent)

3. "Tuck Rule" play vs. 14. Ted Williams' final at-bat
Winner: "Tuck Rule" play (51 percent)

7. Bird's steal vs. 10. Hund's homer
Winner: Bird's steal (72 percent)

2. Bruins win '11 Cup vs. 15. Bird 3-Point show
Winner: Bruins win '11 Cup (95 percent)

Beacon Hill

1. Orr's goal vs. 16. Bruschi returns
Winner: Orr's goal (85 percent)

8. Pap closes '07 World Series vs. Horton's GWG against Tampa
Winner: Horton's GWG against Tampa (68 percent)

5. Curt's bloody sock vs. 12. Bird v. Wilkins
Winner: Curt's bloody sock (90 percent)

4. Russell's final title vs. 13. Snowplow game
Winner: Russell's final title (61 percent)

6. Williams at '99 ASG vs. 11. "Harvard Beats Yale"
Winner: Williams at '99 ASG (86 percent)

3. C's-Lakers '84 war vs. 14. Neely scores 50 in 44
Winner: Neely scores 50 in 44 (55 percent)

7. Damon's slam vs. 10. C's 24-point rally
Winner: Damon's slam (64 percent)

2. Fisk waves ball fair vs. 15. Fenway Park opens
Winner: Fisk waves ball fair (87 percent)

North End

1. Auerbach's cigar vs. 16. Milbury's shoe attack
Winner: Milbury's shoe attack (55 percent)

8. Cheevers' '72 Cup vs. Vinatieri in snow
Winner: Vinatieri in snow (66 percent)

5. C's top Sixers in '81 vs. 12. Pats SB team intro
Winner: Pats SB team intro (60 percent)

4. Pedro's '99 relief vs. 13. Bird-Magic retirement
Winner: Pedro's 99 relief (62 percent)

6. Varitek, A-Rod brawl vs. 11. Lester's no-no
Winner: Varitek, A-Rod brawl (65 percent)

3. Havlicek steals ball vs. 13. Brady's TD record
Winner: Havlicek steals ball (63 percent)

7. Ward beats Gatti vs. 10. Drew's grand slam
Winner: Drew's grand slam (64 percent)

2. Roberts steals second vs. 15. "Building is Vibrating"
Winner: Roberts steals second (81 percent)

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